Water-Saving Tips for Swimming Pools
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There are several ways you can practice water conservation with your pool or spa. Get smart -- water smart -- by learning more about your pool or spa and the preventative steps you can take and repairs you can make to help conserve water.

  • Use a Pool Cover
  • Check for Leaks
  • Monitor Your Water and Utility Bills
  • Lower the Pool's Water Level
  • Backwash Pool Filters Only When Necessary
  • Add Sanitizer in the Evening
  • Strategic Poolside Landscaping
  • Drain Your Pool Only When Necessary
  • Shut Off Fountains and Waterfalls
How do I know if I have a leak?

Your pool is bound to loose some water but if you are topping up by more than three or four inches a week then you may have a leak and it would be worth investigating.

One simple test is to put a bucket of water next to your pool and mark the water level in the bucket and the pool. If after 48 hours the level in the pool has fallen by a greater amount than that in the bucket, then that is a good indication that your pool may have a leak somewhere.
If your pool only leaks when the equipment is on – that is when the filter pump is running – you may have a pressure-side return leak.

If the pool only seems to leak when the pump is off, this usually indicates a suction-side leak. If your pool leaks all the time, then that doesn’t rule out a problem with the plumbing, but it does make it more likely that the problem is with the shell or liner.

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