Sub-metering is an accurate and fair method of recovering utility costs at multi-tenant properties. CostWatch delivers a proven, cost effective system to recover water, electric and gas expenses. Properties benefit from efficient, transparent billing, reduced utility cost variance, improved net operating income and increased property appeal.

From small duplexes up to high rise towers or multiple buildings developments, CostWatch can provide a sub-metering system for any multi-tenant property.

We handle everything from system design and installation to system supervision and maintenance and deliver empowering management tools via an intuitive, online user interface. We use industry standard remote meter reading systems that are monitored with a range of background systems checks to ensure accuracy.

New construction – We work with developers and contractors to make sure that the system design integrates with project requirements.

Existing Developments – Wireless communications makes CostWatch cost-effective to retrofit to existing properties, especially campus style properties with multiple buildings. A single CostWatch network can provide the communications backbone for an expansive property.

Condos and Townhomes – Individual owners can access data relevant to their property. This makes the distribution of utility costs transparent and empowers residents to manage their costs effectively.

Commercial - Whether corporate offices or retail spaces, tenants are empowered to manager their utility costs and can be comfortable in the knowledge that they are being billed for their actual usage, not sharing the costs of their neighbor. Fair, transparent billing can reduce the tenants operating costs and attract new business to the property.