Water-Efficient Irrigation and Landscaping

Water-Efficient irrigation and landscaping are ways to save water by choosing different irrigation equipment, different plants, and siting plants differently. They can also be combined with water reuse.

Landscaping often uses more water than fixtures and equipment within the building, so water-efficient landscaping can be the biggest source of water savings in a project.

Any residential landscape can be designed to both reduce flooding during storms and conserve water in times of water scarcity. Homeowners can use green infrastructure approaches, like bioswales and bioretention ponds; rain gardens; rain water harvesting; water recycling; and drip irrigation to more sustainably manage water.

Some properties opt for a minimal or drought resistant landscape to reduce the impact of irrigation. Others, opt for lush, extensive vegetation to beautify the property and are willing endure the water expense to achieve it. Over the years many properties have come to accept the high costs associated with irrigation as normal. We can enhance irrigation control for our customers, reducing water consumption, while maintaining landscape quality.

CostWatch intelligent method of control has proven to reduce irrigation water costs by over 25%. If irrigation is primarily supplied from cistern water, with utility water as a secondary supply, automation can be installed to minimize the amount of utility water used.

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