Over-use detection

CostWatch can monitor electricity and detect when costs are escalating. It’s unusual to experience sudden electricity spikes but because electricity costs over 12 times more than water, the effects of small problems are significant.

CostWatch can detect problems like an air conditioning refrigerant leak, well before comfort levels become affected. This can enable preventative maintenance, prolonging the life of equipment, as well as keeping utility expenses within budget.

electricity metering

Electricity metering delivers transparent billing to tenants, putting them in control of their electricity costs. Distributing electricity costs fairly and accurately can lower the operating costs of more efficient tenants, encouraging energy conservation. Fair and manageable electricity costs can be very appealing to prospective tenants who are costs sensitive.

CostWatch makes the transition to accurate sub-metering straightforward and cost-effective. We use utility-grade meters to ensure accurate billing. The CostWatch wireless communications enable cost-effective installation and removes the task of manual meter readings. Our online billing portal enables property managers to generate bills from any internet enabled device, quickly and easily.

Property managers can generate electricity bills for a desired time-period quickly and even upload them to accounting software directly. We can help you with our full-service approach. Our sub-metering solutions are tailored to your needs and backed by strong and innovative technology.

Tenants can query their bills online, via the CostWatch graphics portal, and enjoy the peace of mind CostWatch provides for their home.